waste Drain Hair Stopper

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This is a must have for all households, hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms, offices and anywhere where there is a sink, basin, shower or water outlet!

It's a simple design which is effective in preventing drain blockages and nasty smells coming from drains and wastes.

It allows normal liquids to run through, but stops dirt, hair, food bits from going down in to the drains. As such, there is almost no chance your drains or waste can be blocked or start to smell.

Use it in the Kitchen Sink, Utility rooms, Showers, Basins, External drains (please see sizes), and anywhere else with a water outlet!

This IMBS Silicone Waste Drain Hair Catcher Filter Stopper Trapper Plug is made from high quality flexible and durable materials which will last for years to come and is cleanable. As it is flexible it will mould to any shape of sink or drain area.

The greatest feature of this item are the SUCTION PADS TO KEEP IT IN PLACE! Many others on the market keep slipping out of place allowing hair and food to continue down the drains. It’s also removable if need, just a quick tug and it can be moved to another location or be cleaned.

The IMBS Silicone Waste Drain Hair Catcher Filter Stopper Trapper Plug is in a Starfish shape and measures 15CM IN DIAMETER





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