Flameless Scented Luma Candles

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Flameless candles are prefect for that candlelight dinner with your loved one. Giving an aura of cosiness and romance luma candles are vanilla scented and flameless candles but made from real wax.
These multi-colour changing candles features an automatic timer with 4 and 8 hour settings. With 12 illumination colour options the led bulb lasts 100,000 hours. 

With these candles there is no mess or spill or drip. Ideal for that cosy dinner these luma candles enhance your body and mind with a feel good factor. These candles are a great gift to give your family or friends.

  • Hightlights:
    - 12 illuminating colour options
    - Safe, flameless
    - Fresh vanilla scent
    - Made from real paraffin wax
  • Features:
    - Set of three multi-colored flame-less candles
    - Scented with sweet vanilla, they will add fresh fragrance to your home
    - LED lights that can be changed up to 12 different colors
    - Colors range from cool blues and greens to warm yellows and oranges that look like real flames
    - Two modes to choose from – set the candle to glow like a real flame or opt for constant light and feature an optional four and eight-hour timer
  • Package includes:
    - 3 candles each candle measures 7.6cm in diameter
    - The candles run on three AAA batteries each (not included)
    - Comes with a convenient remote control


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