Portable car polishing machine

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حالة التوفر : متوفر
AED 89
السعر بدون ضريبة : AED 89
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Ideal for polishing paintwork on cars, caravans, boats etc.
  • Easy operation and long-time use
  • Polishing diameter approx. 160mm (6.3")
  • Constructed with smooth sponge base to protect car bodywork
  • Power rating: 42W
  • Motor speed: 1500RPM
  • Fuse Specification: 10A glass tube type fuse*1
  • Polishing disc: 160mm
  • Net weight: 750g
  • Package: 1pcs / box
  • For models: Universal
  • Usage:
  • 1: waxing machine is linked to the 12V car cigarette lighter
  • 2: on the sponge dish coated with a thin layer of wax
  • 3: open waxing machine's power switch
  • 4: uniform surface in each car waxing
  • 5: with a towel to wipe the excess wax
  • 6: put another piece of foam pads for polishing
  • Features:
  • 1: This product uses 12V power supply
  • 2: easy to use easily, even after prolonged use will not fatigue
  • 3: using high-performance motor, it can be easily done effortlessly waxing, polishing and other work
  • 4: this product is lightweight and easy to operate the type, so you can easily use the ladies






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