Pandora crystal heart charm bracelet

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Product:Pandora style Rhinestone crystal heart charm bracelet
  • If you are someone who is sensitive to beauty and energy, you will respond to these qualities both intuitively and physically.
  • The advantages of these bracelets - Timeless, unique appearance, Perceived value, May be re-polished if scratched. Beautifully handmade bracelets
  • The unique pieces reflect Italian tradition of classic design and precise craftsmanship to create special pieces that will delight any jewellery lover.

Compared with other charm bracelets, the size of this bracelet is much better because of its adjustable extension chain. Bracelet in 19cm (6.46") is suit for most girls' wrist size but if she is in larger size, the extension chain may works well. The length of the extension is 4cm. So it suits wrist from 19cm to 23cm.
It's not 925 silver but in high quality of silver plated, lead free, and nickel free Eco-friend zinc alloy. The popular royal blue color is chosen by most friends. It looks shinning and sparkling because of the contrasting of glass and crystal beads. The charm bracelet includes 2 cute pet claw beads. Great ideal gift if she loves pets.
 Bracelet could be used for DIY handmade charm bracelet gift for girls and ladies.
This vintage women bracelet looks gorgeous and elegant, we are sure you and your friends must like them and may assume its Pandora style charm bracelets.
Great jewellery buy for friendship, Valentine, and family! 

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