Refresh Mini Air conditioner

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AED 59
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Brings a revolutionary product that throws cool air to refresh you. The amazing technology gives you a steady air of cold wind. And with that, it brings traces of coolness which can be felt at any place, anywhere. Not just this, the Mini Air Conditioning gives fragrant cool wind. The reason is that it has small fragrant balls where the water will be put. Amazing, isn’t it? The Mini Perfume Turbine Fan is a must-buy. 


  1. Available in both indoor and outdoor.
  2. Easy to carry.
  3. Adjustable Fan Angle.
  4. Can add scent bead or ice into the box.
  5. No awkward grills or blades 
  6. Blows nature and vertical wind 
  7. Easy to clean 

Breif description :


  • This is the New Desktop Portable Bladeless Blower Fan Refresh Air Conditioning USB Mini Fan, which is an high-quality hot selling popular and fahionable, with cute nice and beautiful appearance, unique design.
  • With modern turbine design,it can rotate 48 every second,which can quickly make the air more fresher with cool.
  • It is a multi-functional leafless air-conditioning fan: you can put ice, cold water or perfume into this small drawer. And the wind of this product can be as large as other mini fans; It is more comfortable without leaf, and works with ice, the results will be better than normal fan.
  • Easy operetion and convenient to use,great for refreshment when you're out Such as camping, picnicking and so on
  • Powered by USB cable or 3 AAA batteries(not included)



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